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La Fuerza Mendoza

La Fuerza was born in Mendoza. At the Andes foothills, like a dream, like an adventure, with the desire to make a vermouth with a local identity in the far south of the world.

The story that began in Mendoza was first shown in Buenos Aires, in a corner of Chacarita, where we served vermouth for the first time. Where we made it known, from where we grew up so that each vermouth that we bottle in Mendoza reaches the entire country. And other countries too.

This story (which is actually two stories in one) is now in Mendoza, where it all began. In a place to discover vermouth, share a table around a bottle of La Fuerza. A bar that is more than a bar.

A place to learn more about how it is made, to taste the wines, to feel the herbs, to learn how La Fuerza is born, every day, in Mendoza.

It is located at Paso de los Andes 147.

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