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La Fuerza bar

Dorrego 1409, Chacarita. See map
Monday to Thursday 6pm to 1am. Friday 6pm to 2am. Saturday 12pm to 2am. Sunday and holidays 12pm to 1am. Vermouth happy hour Monday to Friday 6pm to 7pm.

Places are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations.

More info and news about La Fuerza Bar at @lafuerzabar


La Fuerza Bar was recognized by TIME magazine as one of the 100 best places to visit during 2019. The selection criteria of the list were quality standards, originality, sustainability and innovation.


La Fuerza is a project that develops and produces quality vermouth, with a local identity and great pride of its origin.

Part of our work is carried out along with professionals, producers and workers, from the moment we make the vermouth until it is served at the bar.

We do our utmost to learn about our suppliers and try to find the finest quality products that are made or produced in our country. We believe in a kitchen that helps to know more and better what our country produces locally.

We also offer a careful attention so your experience in the bar is the best, from the moment our you step in.

We open every day! Not only for you to come whenever you want to have vermouth and something to eat, but also so that you enjoy better the whole La Fuerza experience.

We love to tell everyone who visits La Fuerza Bar how we make vermouth, who works with us and who prepares some of the dishes we serve. We encourage local production and aim to see it grow.

Any question, query or comment, we’ll promptly respond at info@sd-2422234-h00003.ferozo.net