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Martín Auzmendi

Journalist and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of work in beverage and spirits companies.

Martín discovered gastronomy as a bartender and was trained in different beverage companies as a journalist and communicator creating projects in the city where he chose to live: Buenos Aires. In La Fuerza, he writes the path of vermouth and ideas for future projects.

“I’m a journalist and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of work in beverage and spirits companies. After studying Psychology and Literature I started working as a bartender and was captivated by the hospitality business.

I worked in bars and restaurants for some years and then I became a food and beverage journalist. At the same time, I started working for spirits companies in communication and brand training. I worked for Diageo, Cepas Argentinas and Campari. I worked eight years for Campari, developing an Aperitifs strategy.

As a journalist I wrote articles for local magazines, web sites and collaborated with books and other publications. I co created events as La Maratón de la Pizza in Buenos Aires (yes, a pizza marathon), the Buenos Aires Cocktail Week and some events with Aperitifs, working with Campari.

I am co author of two books (Cervezas Argentinas and Nuestra Pizza) and author of Cócteles en el Camino (Cocktails on the Road). I dreamt about creating a local vermouth and I found the perfect friends and partners to make this dream come true. I am responsible for communication, marketing and product innovation in La Fuerza.

I am father of Vicente and Aurora, I live in Buenos Aires with them and Carolina, my love.”

Favorite La Fuerza cocktail: Primavera en los Andes with tonic, Chacarita Spritz and La Fuerza Negroni

Favorite traditional Argentine dish: pizza porteña

Favorite activity or neighborhood in Buenos Aires: Downtown Buenos Aires and Chacarita. I like to walk around the city and getting lost.

Favorite place to visit in Argentina: I love Tigre Delta, I used to live there.

Favorite place to visit in the world: I have a special love for Rio de Janeiro, but also San Francisco, Paris and Uruguay.

A fact about you that surprises people: I used to write poetry

Martín Auzmendi, socio de La Fuerza Vermut