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Julián Díaz

Chef, bartender, sommelier and restaurateur, co-founder of 878 and Los Galgos.

Restaurateur, sommelier, cook and passionate about creating places with identity in the city where he was born and lives: Buenos Aires. He loves vermouth, the shared table and its rituals. Co-founder of 878, refounder of Los Galgos and Roma del Abasto, and the one who plans and imagines those tables where Vermouth La Fuerza will be enjoyed.

“I was born in the city of Buenos Aires and feel a true porteño. The day I entered a kitchen for the first time I discovered that this would be my world. The fire, the ovens, the drinks. My vocation is linked to service and hospitality, as a task and as a way of thinking and working for the culture of the place where I live.

I studied and learned to be a cook, a sommelier and a bartender, I opened a bar together with Florencia, my life partner, at 18 years old and I never stopped thinking about opening others. From 878 to Los Galgos, from La Fuerza to Roma del Abasto. I also participated in other food projects that are part of my experience and my history, such as Florería Atlántico, Anchoíta and Casa Chai.

I like to transmit to others everything I learned, so I teach at CAVE (Centro Argentino de Vinos y Espirituosas). I’m a founding member of Acelga, the group that, among other things, organized the Masticar fair. I also dabbled in radio and books to tell about 878 and Los Galgos.

I’m one of 4 friends who dreamt about creating a local and quality vermouth, a drink that I have loved ever since I started drinking and that I promoted in each of my bars. I carry out the proposals and daily tasks of La Fuerza Bar, Roma del Abasto, 878 and Los Galgos.

I live with Florencia, my life partner, in the neighborhood of Villa Ortuzar.”

Favorite La Fuerza cocktail: Negroni

Favorite traditional Argentine dish: chard fritters

Favorite activity or neighborhood in Buenos Aires: listening to music in the Colón theater

Favorite place to visit in Argentina: Mendoza and Valle de Uco

Favorite place to visit in the world: Bologna, Cuzco, Galapagos

A fact about you that surprises people: arrived in China by train, after crossing Russia on the Transiberian

Julián Díaz, from vermouth La Fuerza